Regardless of which aspect(s) of beef production you participate in, your opportunity to create and capture value is tied to the genetic potential of your cattle. And, your marketing opportunities are often enhanced (or limited…) by the genetics and predictive information you can provide to prospective buyers. Beef-360 offers services designed to help producers generate increased profits. Click on any of the tabs below to learn more about specific services.

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Custom AI

Custom A.I. Services

We are big believers in the value of Artificial Insemination to beef cattle operations. With the consistent results of some Fixed-Time A.I. protocols today, it is possible to get over 60% of your cows pregnant on the first day of the breeding season – using the most proven, predictable bulls in the industry. This can add two weeks or even more to the average age of your calf crop, which – alone – means more pounds at weaning. When you add in the performance gained by using high-accuracy bulls along with proven genetics for replacement females, there is great opportunity to create more value in your calves. Beef-360 Service Providers can help you plan and implement a synchronization system and we can breed your cows in a very efficient, cost-effective manner.

Semen Sales

Semen Sales

Beef-360 offers industry-leading genetics through Exclusive BEEF-360 Sires. We have exciting bulls in our line-up representing the top genetics in their respective breeds - proven through progeny and/or backed up by some of the best bulls and cow families available. In addition to the proven sires, BEEF-360 consistently adds new, progressive bulls to the line-up to be a leader in performance and predictability. And, we don’t simply sell out of the catalog – we travel to see the bulls ourselves and their progeny in herds across the country to give us the greatest confidence in how they can work for you.

designed matings

designed matings

When the goal is to create the best offspring possible, the mating process requires careful consideration. Artificial Insemination gives us the ability to match females to bulls, one mating at a time. With your production and marketing goals in mind - we can help you objectively assess phenotype, performance and genetics of your females and recommend the sire(s) which we expect to create offspring with the greatest chance of having the desired traits.

Bull & Heifer Development

Bull and Heifer Development

In many operations, it may be challenging or impractical to develop replacement cattle at home. Facilities, feed resources and overall management often limit the opportunity to raise replacement females and bulls in the most efficient manner. Beef-360 can help facilitate Bull and Heifer Development in certain areas, managing the process of growing your bulls and heifers optimally for replacements for your own herd or to market. And, we can help market cattle representing Beef-360 Genetics.

Marketing services

Marketing Services

Semen is only one aspect of a complete genetics program.  Herd Sires and replacement females also represent significant components of beef cattle enterprises.  Available to BEEF-360 Genetics partners and customers, Beef-360 offers marketing services – utilizing internet, targeted print advertising, direct communications and other outlets as appropriate. We can offer the most value to both buyers and sellers with a focus on Exclusive BEEF-360 Genetics because we get to see how these cattle work every day. The proven, predictable genetics created through the bulls and females we represent may allow us to facilitate management and marketing opportunities for their progeny as well.

Cattle Procurement

Cattle Procurement

Whether you are looking for a single herd bull or a truckload of replacement females, we may be able to help. In addition to the cattle we list and market, we can help you find what you are looking for on ranches or at sales throughout the country. Let us know specifically what you need, and we will work to source those cattle for you. Working with our Sire Partners, we can even design specific genetics for your operation for future delivery.

Feeder Cattle Marketing

Feeder Cattle Marketing Strategies

We can help you access value-added marketing outlets for your BEEF-360 genetics which may require specific management practices and production information. We can even facilitate start-up and backgrounding in certain locations – including co-mingling of smaller groups of similar cattle targeted for the same market.